Trump Will Not “Drain The Swamp.” Trump IS The Swamp!

So, the Trumpeters are all agog about how Trump will “drain the swamp.” They need to take a good hard look at the transition team he’s assembling.

First, there’s Reince Priebus. If ever there was a swamp-dweller, it’s Priebus. But Priebus has been on the Trump Train since at least January when he famously removed NRO from the debates for writing not-nice things about The Don, so this is his reward.

And that’s just the start:

…[T]he Trump transition team is a who’s who of influence peddlers, including: energy adviser Michael Catanzaro, a lobbyist for Koch Industries and the Walt Disney Company; adviser Eric Ueland, a Senate Republican staffer who previously lobbied for Goldman Sachs; and Transition General Counsel William Palatucci, an attorney in New Jersey whose lobbying firm represents Aetna and Verizon. Rick Holt, Christine Ciccone, Rich Bagger, and Mike Ferguson are among the other corporate lobbyists helping to manage the transition effort.

This is nothing new. Trump supported swamp-dwellers Reid and Pelosi, not to mention Gang of Eight members Chuck Schumer (D), Dick Durbin (D), Bob Menendez (D), Lindsey Graham (who might as well be a D), and John McCain, who calls conservatives “wacko birds.”

Trumpeters, of course, say you gotta be a swamp-dweller to drain the swamp… but that is in marked contrast to what they said prior to November 9, where you had to be an outsider! In short, they’re moving the goalposts.


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