The Double-Standard of the Trumpeters

Many of the Trumpeters — at least those that were politically aware prior to January, 2016 — have been known to use this video to characterize the people who supported Obama and, by extension, Obama himself.

However, these same people seem to be having a problem with this video.

Now, let us be honest here. The Trumpeters are trying to have it both ways, but they can’t. If it’s wrong to use videos of supporters to indicate the kind of people a given politician attracts, then it is always wrong. If it’s right and proper — and I think it is — then it is always right and proper.

In politics, it’s almost always the leftists that want the double standards. Just look at the Democrats on sex scandals. If a Republican is alleged to be involved in one, then It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (great song, by the way). But a Democrat? Nothing to see here, it’s just sex, let’s everyone just MoveOn (.org)*.

And now the Trumpeters are doing the same thing. But I think there’s another motivation. I think they’re upset that we are starting to see how many Trumpeters are alt-reich (another way of saying alt-right, one that I think is far more apropos) types. And that knowledge getting out scares them.


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