Trump, Kushner, and Double Standards

Let us engage in a little thought experiment.

Let’s say that Hillary had won the election. And, a couple of weeks before the inauguration, news comes out that she’s going to name Marc Mezvinsky (Chelsea’s husband, therefore Hillary’s son-in-law) as a White House adviser. How do you think Trump supporters would react?

I think it’s pretty obvious many of them would be screaming bloody murder about nepotism and many other things.

Yet, Trump is reported to be naming his son-in-law to a White House adviser’s job, and I’ve not seen a peep out of the Trumpeters.

So, I guess it’s OK with the die-hard Trumpeters for Trump to do this.

But there’s more to this than a double standard. When another Democrat takes the Oval Office — and it will happen at some time, no party ever has a permanent lock on the Presidency — if he or she appoints family members to White House positions, the GOP will not be in any position to complain without being hypocrites.

This is the legacy of Trump.


4 thoughts on “Trump, Kushner, and Double Standards

  1. Ummm… Bill named Hillary, his wife remember and the FLOTUS doesn’t have an actual political position, as his head of their healthcare reform efforts and that stood up in court, the same as this will. Additionally, Hillary made it clear that, if elected, she was going to make Bill her economic “czar,” i.e., White House Advisor.

    Hell, the law only exists because JFK (Democrat) appointed his brother as Attorney General.


    • Thanks for admitting that this is the sort of thing Democrats do. And clearly indicating that you’re OK with Trump doing the same thing.

      I’ve said for a very long time that Trump is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, you just gave me more evidence for it. Thanks again!


  2. Honestly, I’m not bothered by it at all irrespective of who’s doing it as long as they keep it in the White House – an opinion that the Court seems to agree with. Admittedly, I didn’t like Bill making the FLOTUS something more but that was because it seemed to me to be twisting the office of First Lady.

    But, let me guess. You’re one of those Cruzian NeverTrumpers. If so, you’re too rabid by that very fact for us to continue conversing. You’re also largely pointless, just another rough stone to be ground smooth or to dust under our boots.


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