Why I Am Skipping The Superbowl — And The Ads — This Year

As always, the hype over the Big Game is ratcheting up. However, for the first year in a long time, I am sitting it out. I’ve been telling people at work all season that I have no interest in football this year.

It’s not because I will be at work on Superbowl Sunday (I work in a hospital, we’re obviously open 24/7/365). With modern digital media I could easily watch it on my phone or Kindle. I could catch the best and worst ads on YouTube afterwards.

No, this year I am sitting out because I cannot in good conscience give any of my money, and precious little of my time and attention to an organization that so blatantly and obviously stomps on the values of much of America, including myself.

The No Fun League (NFL) has applauded the antics of privileged star quarterback Colin Kaepernick, despite the outcry from fans in what the people in the League office probably call “flyover country.”

And yet when one team wanted to honor the victims of a deliberate attack aimed squarely at police officers of a single race, the No Fun League said no, we don’t want that message out there.

So, guess what? The No Fun League won’t get anything from me but ridicule and a good deal of apathy. Their ratings are already way down, indicating I’m not the only one who’s changing the channel, but they aren’t getting the message, it seems.

If the League was smart, they’d dedicate an early season or preseason game next year to the memories of fallen police officers. They could have family members on the field and maybe the iconic badge with black bar across it on the teams’ helmets and/or uniforms.

I’m betting the SJWs in the NFL won’t do that, however. So, I’m eagerly awaiting February 26 (Daytona 500), and February 24 (first baseball spring training game for my beloved SF Giants). I’ll also be working the 18th, but as I said earlier, there’s digital media!


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