My Take on the Female 13th Doctor

Twitter was understandably abuzz yesterday with the news that the 13th Doctor will be a lady. I, alas, was working, but that gave me some time to consider it.

There will be a certain number of people who’ve never watched Doctor Who that will give it a try due to a female lead. There will also be a certain number of people who already watch it who will abandon it due to a female lead. The BBC obviously hopes the first group is larger than the second, and they may be right.

The wild card in the situation is the SJWs. If they take this small victory calmly and quietly, it probably will work out OK in the end. But if they do what they did with the all-woman remake of Ghostbusters and declare that anyone who doesn’t watch the new Doctor is as evil as a Dalek, they will drive a lot of people away no matter how well written, acted, and/or produced the new season is.

Honestly, most SJWs I’ve interacted with are the type that will gladly take an inch and then demand a mile, so I think the BBC might come to regret this decision, not because there’s anything wrong with a female lead in a sci-fi show (see Captain Janeway) but because the people they’re trying to please just can’t be satisfied.


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