Let’s Get This Straight: Health CARE vs. Health INSURANCE

Lately in the fight to repeal Obamacare, the left has returned to an old lie, conflating health insurance with health care. It’s high time to debunk this in more detail than I can do in comments or Twitter posts.

Before doing that, let me explain right up front why the leftists are using and reusing this lie. If they can scare the low-information voters into thinking that repealing Obamacare will lead to them being turned away at the doctor’s office or ER, they think they can get people to call their Congresscritters to complain. Thus they are all repeating something they know is a cold and callous falsehood.

Obamacare is health insurance. It is not health care. There was health care in America long before Obamacare. In fact, four of the framers of the Constitution were doctors: James McClurg, James McHenry, Benjamin Rush, and Hugh Williamson. The hospital I work in was founded in 1901, over a century before Obamacare.

Also despite the leftists’ lies, there was cancer treatment in America prior to Obama signing his signature bill in 2010. The American Cancer Society was established in 1913, nearly a full century before Obamacare.

Please, if you care about the truth, push back against the lie that Obamacare = health care whenever you encounter it!