Trump vs. Kaepernick

Last night at a rally in Alabama, Trump called for the NFL owners to remove players who kneel during the National Anthem from the field. It wasn’t clear if he meant just bench them, trade them, or fire them, but it’s still clear he wanted some punitive effort.

Now, let me say right here that I haven’t watched a single NFL game since the whole Kaepernick thing started. That not the only reason I no longer watch football, but it’s a large part of it. I will also say here and now that I’m unable to find a single example of a baseball player “taking a knee” during the National Anthem. Draw your own conclusions.

However, what this looks like to me is a desperate attempt by Trump to get his base of rednecks with Confederate flags on their jacked-up pickups happy with him again. He obviously lost a ton of them when he started making deals with Democrats (as people like your humble commentator said he would), and when he saw them burning their MAGA hats he knew he had to do something.

The result is calling out a man without using his name, who never played in Alabama, who never lived in Alabama, in a sport without a franchise in Alabama, at a non-sporting event. Because Trump is all about his own popularity, and his recent actions have eroded that badly, so he’s flailing to regain it.

If Trumpeters were smart, they’d see this for what it is. But the fact that they voted for Trump puts their intelligence in question.